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Join our community of entrepreneurs using our intuitive platform to find, apply and qualify for grants, loans, tax credits and funding opportunities in Canada & the USA.

How it Works

For every entrepreneur looking for opportunities, there are solid institutions & corporations providing them. We provide a smart application management tool empowering B2B partners to customize their application processes while collecting impactful data with qualified leads.


  • Custom domain name
  • View all applicants directly from your dashboard
  • Custom intuitive reporting & analytics
  • Leverage Data to create better products & services
  • Push & Pull data in real-time

B2B Partnership

Connect with Quality Leads

We Empower

Financial Institutions

Legal, Accounting & Consultant Firms

Governments &

Incubators & Accelerators

B2B Partnership

Access qualified leads only!

We wouldn't be able to do what we do if we didn't buddy up with experts in the grant writing field.

We pride ourselves in in helping entrepreneurs gain access to different available opportunities, one of the ways we are able to help them reach their goals is also partnering up with companies that are in the grant & tax credit writing space.

Gain access to thousands of qualified applicants instantly Screen through top applicants efficiently.


  • Customize platform to your brand
  • Custom domain name
  • View all applicants directly from your dashboard
  • Custom reporting & analytics
  • Easily parse through quality applicants vs applicants that aren't ready
  • Leverage intuitive insight to instantly produce impactful reports for your stakeholders.

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